Texas LPC Intern Association

Advocacy Initiatives and Related Updates


Submitted to TSBEPC 10/2018

  • Change LPC Intern to LPC Associate‚Äč

  • Allow LPC Interns to accept payments from clients as currently allowed for LMFT Associates

  • Allow LPC Interns to operate a private practice as currently allowed for LMFT Associates 

  • Remove "Supervised by" requirement for LPC Interns as currently allowed for LMFT Associate

Updates on Proposed Rule Changes 

  • (9/2019) TSBEPC has not formally responded to the proposed rule changes, despite a submission date of nearly 1 year ago-and despite the Texas Occupations Code requiring a response from TSBEPC within 90 days of the submission of the proposed rule changes. However, a Texas LPC Intern Association Leadership Council member attended the May 2019 TSBEPC board meeting and provided the following update: The board members appeared accepting of changing LPC Intern to LPC Associate. However, the legal counsel for the board appeared to be unsure of whether or not TSBEPC had the authority to make such a change. If the TSBEPC legal counsel determines this change in within TSBEPC authority, the proposed rule change will be open for public comment and then voted on at the next board meeting. We did attempt to have Intern changed to Associate legislatively at the last session, but lack the resources and support of other, larger organizations. We will continue to advocate for this change as long as it takes. As for the other proposed rule changes, there have been no updates on those. 



  • Fair pay (or sometimes pay at all!) for LPC Interns 

  • Employment opportunities and accessibility for LPC Interns

  • Educational campaigns related to LPC Interns as valuable, knowledgeable, and skilled mental health professional

  • Low-cost or free training opportunities for counseling students and LPC Interns

  • See our petition here